Mercy Mendoza
Room One's Missionary
This otherwise normal young woman is one day pulled into a dimension-hopping “Liminal Room” whilst out searching the woods for her missing sister Mara. After learning that Mara had also visited the Room before, Mercy accepts her sister’s abandoned mission and journeys to an alternate Earth inhabited by magicians and “gods”, her goal being to alter some select events in the timeline and prevent a man-made cataclysm from ever happening.
How she will fare remains a mystery, but if it means bring her sister home safely, Mercy is more than willing to take the risk.

Samson Aster
Room One's Chamberlain
Aside from his vaguely luminescent silver hair, there’s not much about Samson that would indicate he’s essentially an immortal being—a Godtype—or the fact he’s been working inside a Liminal Room for just under 3 million years. After inadvertently causing the extinction of mankind on his own Earth, Samson was salvaged by Pyranoscope, an incorporeal force trying to save the parallel worlds, and was enslaved as “penance” for his sin.
While Samson always smiles and acts like an old friend for the Room’s Missionaries, he might be going a little stir crazy from inhabiting Room One for too long.

Count Palatine of God's Pledge
Eon Harken is a young transgender nobleman, current holder of the heirloom sword Trauerdegen (the Mourning Dagger), bearing the title of Count Palatine. He is a magic-wielding Thaumaturge working for the God’s Pledge peace organization, which strives to save the dying Godtypes from extinction.
Though only 21 years of age, Eon was handpicked by a powerful god to lead the Peacekeepers, who handle external affairs in the Palatine Guard.

The Captain
Sovran de Vaux, Captain Commander of the Palatine Guard, is one of Eon Harken’s fellow associates, as well as a high-ranking official in God’s Pledge. He had been a markedly listless and self-centered individual in his youth, rejecting all responsibility or sense of goodwill until his father, the former Captain, sacrificed himself while off-duty during a Remnant rampage, saving countless innocent lives.
Sovran is currently Eon’s significant other, and an alternate version of Samson Aster’s deceased younger brother. Despite lacking any form of magic power, he has gained reputation as an effective and popular commanding officer.

The Princess Palatine
Current leader of God’s Pledge, an association established to seek out gods and quell Rem violence within the Nascent Empirian Union. Though young, she was raised to inherit the position after her father, Hugo Lôi, was left comatose by an abrupt Remnant assault many years prior. Behind the lofty title of Archduchess, the Princess is a rather average young woman, perhaps on the inside a bit regretful that she never had a normal childhood, or a life outside the Pledge. She carries a heavy grudge against the Remnants for almost killing her father, not only because of his present state, but also for depriving her of her only remaining parent.
Though not a natural-born magic user, Zoe studied endlessly as a child to master just one spell, or Binding, but is a scarily competent fighter. In battle she wields a golden spear dubbed “Longinus,” which previously belonged to her father, forged especially for him by a god. And while Zoe may be the head of a nationwide paramilitary organization, she is still a bit uncertain about herself, and just a bit awkward around others. Has a very large, very secret on her idol, Godtype Veer Thakur.
Ricia Fraga
God of Resurrection
Formally named Rihtwisnes Iusticia Fraga, “Ricia” is a young Godtype of Spanish origin, who bears the taboo power to reverse unnatural death (e.g. murders or acute sickness), but only within a span of 4 days after the passing. Due to the toll these actions have taken on her body, Ricia's physical appearance has regressed to that of an adolescent girl, in spite of her being roughly 400 years old. She carries the perpetual burden of the lives she failed to save, but despite her misgivings, she ultimately could not reject her responsibilities and became a first responder within God's Pledge, with which she initially sought asylum.
Her opinions on the sanctity of life led Ricia to reject the Peacekeepers’ more aggressive policies, and many other gods considered her a traitor for remaining complacent during the years of Pandemic. In reality, she cared just as much as the next god, maybe even more, but was, of her own admission, too weak-hearted to actively kill anyone, god or human alike.

Fulcanelli “Nell” Bombastus Paramirum
God of Alchemy
Alongside Hugo Lôi and Veer Thakur, Godtype Fucanelli Paramirum founded God's Pledge and later served as Regent of the Pledge Hold prior to the current leader's coming of age. Having lived for well over a thousand years, they have become somewhat jaded about humanity's inherent goodness and consider the creation of Rems as a "crime against nature." Shrewd and pragmatic, Nell is entirely dedicated to preventing mankind from falling to the Remnants. In spite of their somewhat unforgiving personality, Fulcanelli always keeps the best interest of the God's Pledge Peacekeepers at heart, gladly sacrificing victory if it means saving lives.

Veer Thakur 
God of Warfare
Originally hailing from India, Viraj "Veer" Thakur is a Godtype versed in both ancient and modern-day weaponry, able to summon disposable magic-based armament at will and utilize any manner of equipment with the utmost strength and precision simply by holding it. When on the battlefield, she is most often seen fighting at long range with an unbreakable bow called Gandiva, given to her by another god from her country of origin.

Toby Albright
An evidence control cadet in the investigations unit at God's Pledge. At eighteen years of age, he's a relative newcomer to the Remnant conflicts, relegated to a "support role", and also an entirely normal human being among extraordinary magicians and gods--easily overshadowed by his peers.
That being said, Toby is a sweet-natured, upstanding individual who works hard to keep operations moving smoothly, well-respected around the Pledge for his reliability and willingness to help.

Mara Mendoza
The Lost Missionary
Thirteen-year-old Mara is Mercy Mendoza's little sister, a kind but moody and insecure girl who relies on her sister for emotional support. After a heated four-way argument between Mara, Mercy, and their parents, Mara suddenly disappeared, and took any trace of her entire existence with her. Mercy ended up being the only one who recalled her little sister, even when Mara's bedroom mysteriously transformed into a storage closet, and everybody else, including their family, seemed to forget her entirely.

The Wraith in the Rooms
Despite her seemingly innocent outward appearance, the person known as Nuira Wingrave is better known as a body-snatching entity out to destroy whatever and whoever she can, and more importantly take revenge on those who deprived her of a normal human life--namely, everyone in all the existing worlds. Her disembodied spirit moves from dimension to dimension by hiding in the bodies of Pyranoscope's Missionaries and slowly drains their energy to manifest her own form. Most recently, her current victim happens to be a certain Missionary named Mara Mendoza.

Ark Townsend
God of Necromancy
Ark was a Godtype famed for his ability to fashion "zombies" from the dead, essentially obedient meat puppets, devoid of soul or reasoning, which served remarkably well during times of war. He had been a rather cold, callous man who disdained the weakness of human emotions, until he met Rihtwisnes Iusticia, a gentle Godtype woman whose own resurrection power resembled a more complete version of his own.
Ark fell in love with Rihtwisnes, but when she refused to attack humanity during the Godtypes' extinction he disappeared, presumably dying in a fight against the freshly minted Godtype hybrids (known in present day as Remnants).

Gain Rede
"Gain Rede" is the alias of a Godtype thought to be lurking somewhere in the mountains of the Remnant territory, marked as a high-level threat by the Peacekeepers of God's Pledge for conspiring to apparently purge the world of humanity. The full extent of his motives are currently unknown, but seem to be driven by resentment over the years of Pandemic, during which many gods were defiled in death for selfish human purposes.

God of the Forsaken World
There seems to be a man—or the soul of a man—trapped at the heart of Pyranoscope, invisible from the vantage point of any Liminal Room. Originally from Samson Aster’s world, Godtype Remiel Araboth Bain made all his dreams come true, in a literal sense, by glimpsing forbidden knowledge from the parallel Earths and using it to alter the fate of his own. Now locked inside Room Zero, a point between life and death, for all eternity, Remiel ultimately watched his home world fall apart and forever pays the price for messing with reality.
In life, Remiel was born some time in the 20th century BC, and later went on to construct a kingdom of his own, called the Land of Ivory Bone. He made it his duty to protect humanity against the gods who, emboldened by their power, were bent on dominating the mortals. Besides his many followers and "hired help", Remiel had two surrogate sons, both Godtypes: Samael Makon Bain and Sachiel Zechariah Bain.

Sachiel Bain
God of Sacrifice
One of Remiel Bain's adopted sons, and Samael Bain/Samson Aster's (now deceased) brother by oath. He was known to be an immensely powerful Godtype with unknown powers, and yet he greatly disdained violence, the family "mission" included, preferring to spend his time in the palace gardens, nurturing the flowers and inviting over children from local towns and orphanages.

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