Monday, November 21, 2016

MBTI Personality Types

Samson Aster - ENFP
Mercy Mendoza - ISFJ
Mara Mendoza - INFP
Eon Harken - ENFJ
Sovran de Vaux - ESFP
Thanatas Kraisorn - ISTP
Ricia Fraga - INFJ
Zoe Loi - INTJ
Fulcanelli Paramirum - ENTP
Veer Thakur - ESFJ
Nuira Wingrave - ESTP
Remiel Bain - ENTJ
Sachiel Bain - ISFP

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Runic Arrays

Magic spells in the world of the Godtypes, known as Bindings or simply "miracles", always fall within the domain of a single rune from the Armanen Futharkh. While runology and Bind-crafting are commonly regarded as two entirely independent studies, the creation of Bindings regularly falls into the domain of the 18 runes, though this specific knowledge often falls outside the crafter's knowledge.
Each Thaumaturge will possess anywhere from 1 to 18 Runic Arrays, also known as wards, which take the shape of a hexagon and manifest a single rune each at any given time. While Godtypes seem to command an infinite, uncountable quantity, the number of wards ultimately determines the complexity of the Bindings a Theurgist can maintain, though only gods and Thaumas proficient in runology are physically able see the wards and rune manifestations.

The 1st: Fa
Color: red
  • Emotional relief
  • Fire magic
The 2nd: Ur
Color: red-orange
  • Endurance
  • Healing
  • Time reversal
  • Resurrection
The 3rd: Dorn
Color: orange-yellow
  • Increasing mental/functional capacity
  • Hinder foes
  • Detecting or destroying weapons
  • Manipulating electronics
  • Lightning magic
The 4th: Os
Color: yellow
  • Breaking free of restraints
  • Increase speed
  • Persuasion
  • Manipulation of sounds
  • Speech and breath control
The 5th: Rit
Color: yellow-green
  • Call for aid
  • Deflect physical attacks and incoming projectiles
  • Orderliness
  • Correction
  • Rewriting history
The 6th: Ka
Color: green-yellow
  • Spiritual connection
  • Return curse to sender
  • Artfulness
The 7th: Hagal
Color: green
  • Extinguish flames
  • Ice magic
  • Enclosure/capture
  • Regeneration
The 8th: Not
Color: green-cyan
  • Calming effects, reconciliation
  • Karma
  • Alteration of Fate
The 9th: Is
Color: cyan-green
  • Manipulating wind, air magic
  • Calming the seas/storms
  • Forcible control, obedience, compelling will
The 10th: Ar
Color: cyan
  • Temporarily blinds enemies
  • Defense against evil forces
  • Confusion
  • Glamour
The 11th: Sig
Color: cyan-blue
  • Light magic
  • Navigating darkness
  • Protection of allies
The 12th: Tyr
Color: blue-cyan
  • Turn the tides
  • Wisdom through discovery
  • Spiritual understanding
  • See imprints of the past
  • Necromancy
The 13th: Bar
Color: blue
  • Creativity in song
  • Water magic
  • Predestination
The 14th: Laf
Color: blue-violet
  • Knowledge
  • Earth magic
  • Altering the laws of nature
The 15th: Man
Color: violet-blue
  • Increase bodily function
  • Power, prowess, and foresight
The 16th: Yr
Color: violet
  • Seeing and striking targets at a distance
  • Detect falsehood
  • Black magic
The 17th: Eh
 Color: violet-red
  • Law of attraction
  • Binding contracts
  • Duality
The 18th: Gibor

Color: red-violet (magenta)
  • Creates union
  • Gift of life
  • Aether magic
  • Cosmic consciousness
  • Divine principle