Monday, August 7, 2017

drop me into the azure depths, give me some room to breathe. it'll be just like… falling asleep.
despair is an awful friend, an icy hand on the heart; raw, persisent, ubiquitous … you crave it, really, because it's all you've ever known. >> 7/6/16

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Username Origin - "godtypes"

I was tagged by yukiro_ayshane and audendoll on Instagram to describe my username origin, but I guess that would be pretty straightforward since Godtypes is both the name of my story and the titular superhuman entities described within it.

To get more in-depth, the Godtypes were coined as such when I first started brainstorming ideas for these immortal beings, with "powers typical of the gods." No one real knows if they're actually divinities in mortal guise, or some form of elevated human, or if their origins are more preternatural. Perhaps they came from another dimension or even outer space--the gods themselves can't say for sure, either.

Eventually I started thinking to myself, what can differentiate them from one singular God, or the mythological gods of human invention?

So my gods then earned the formal title of Godtypes. And because I'm lazy, I named both my book and Instagram after them. :'D

Interview with Samson Michael Aster

"Huh, me? Nahhh, I can't be the one you're looking for."

1. Single or taken?
"Best not to ask."
2. Last kiss?
"Probably in my dreams."
3. Girl bff.
4. Guy bff.
"My brother, Sacky. Forever."
5. Height
"A solid six foot-three."
6. Weight
"No idea." (About 200 pounds.)
7. First kiss
8. One secret
One secret.
"Alright, fine. My real name's Samael Bain. There, that make ya happy?"
9. Cats or dogs?
"Neither. Animals don't last long enough for people like me."
10. Theme tune
Danses de travers / Crooked Dances by Erik Satie
11. Insecurities
"Dunno." (Getting close to people.)
12. Age
"Lost count." (Probably around 3 million years.)
13. Turn-ons
"The air conditioner."
14. Turn-offs
"Most people."
15. Regrets
"Everything." (The biggest is his brother's death.)
16. Ambitions
"It's a little late for something like that." (Now, he just wants to make Mercy happy and keep her safe.)
17. Last hug
"If I could have one last hug, I'd want it with someone special."
18. Hobbies
"I've done too much to pick just one."
19. Mood
"Like Russian-style imperial stout." (Dark and bitter.)
20. Random
"Today is the third day of the thirty-ninth million, nine-hundred ninety-ninth thousand, nine-hundred ninety-seventh month. It's cold again, per usual."

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Doll Masterlist

GODTYPES characters
  • Iplehouse nYID Mari: Mercy Mendoza
  • Dollclans Rynx + Crobidoll B-Line body: Samson Aster / Samael Bain
  • La Légende de Temps Red Dove + Volks SD10 girl body: Mara Mendoza
  • Ringdoll Julia: Nuira Wingrave
  • Migidoll Jina + Volks SDGr body: Eon Harken
  • Granado Pancho + Ringdoll RGM-02 body: Sovran de Vaux
  • Souldoll Zenith Swinte: Zoe Lôi
  • Migidoll Haru: Toby Albright
  • Zaoll Muse + Resinsoul 1/3 boy body: Ilyusha Ozerov
  • Switch Taeheo + April Story senior body: Thanatas Kraisorn
  • La Maison de Aile Miller + SD17 boy body: Allen Proctor
  • Iplehouse EID Rebecca + Dollshe Pure Body: Fulcanelli “Nell” Paramirum
  • Dollshe 26F Erica Snow: Viraj “Veer” Thakur
  • Zaoll Luv: Rihtwisnes Iusticia “Ricia” Fraga
  • Granado Uriel [floating]: Ark Townsend

  • Dollzone Cosmo + Dollstown 18yrs body: Remiel Bain
  • Soom Dia + old Supergem boy body: Sachiel Bain

GODSEYE LENS characters
  • Distant Memory Sunho + Fantasia Doll Elder Woman B-Type body: Caelan Gilday
  • LLT Lazuli + Dollshe 18M Arsene body: Tezca Zacatenco
  • Granado Kortes + Spiritdoll Proud ver. 2 body: “Death” 

  • Iplehouse SID Isabel: Noa Sinclair
  • Pygmalion Ha + TEIA71 new body: "Ramses"
  • Fifth Motif Venitu: Henri Trinelyse
  • Iplehouse EID Ron: Cade Valhaven
  • La Légende de Temps Roderich [floating]: Virgil Altieri
  • Switch Ajeong [ordered] + Granado Nuevo female body
  • Switch Hwahui + Spiritdoll Elegance boy body [ordered]: Alexandre Freyrmanel Blanchflor

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